Hi,  I’m Natalie Lazar and I’d like to welcome you to my site about cookware and cookware reviews.

It all started when we decided we need a new high quality cookware set.

We’d never owned high end stuff before and what we had was a mish mash of pieces and sets picked up at sales and clearances.  They had served us well but many of them were showing signs of (severe) wear (I am not kind to my pots! ) and it was just time to upgrade to something better.

So I thought I’d just do a quick search and select one of the sets on sale.  After all, I thought, a pot is a pot is a pot, right? (or a skillet, or a fry pan…….. you get my drift?)

In my mind it was a simple divide: cookware either sticks or…. doesn’t stick! [Tweet This!]

How wrong was I?  I found out that not all pots are created equal, there are a mind-numbing number of brands to choose from and what’s more, many different materials to choose from!

I now knew this was not going to be an easy decision.

If you’ve tried to wade through all the material and cookware reviews out there in search of the best cookware set for yourself, you probably know what I mean.   Stainless steel or aluminium?  Non-stick or not?  Cast iron or anodized ?  And what on earth is ‘healthy non-stick’??

So as I dug deeper in my search and got more and more confused, I realized that there must be others like me out there who are also clueless about all the options and looking for a guide into this ‘maze’ of cookware.

So I started taking notes and creating an online guide into the world of cookware.  And that’s how this cookware reviews site was born!

I’ve shortlisted the best cookware in each category based on user ratings and product features as well as the average price range and where to buy them.

And if you’re unsure of which type of cookware is the best for you, I created this handy 7 step buyer guide which is sure to help you figure it out…. along with figuring out your cooking personality. ‘What’s that’, you ask? Read the article to find out!

Hopefully it helps you narrow down your search and helps you find your perfect cookware set!

Good luck!

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