Vitamix vs Ninja

Which Blender is Better: Vitamix vs Ninja?

After burning through 2 Magic Bullets in less than 3 years, I was in the market for a blender.  Not just any blender, but something durable and high quality.  A blender that can make smooth smoothies, cream frozen bananas into a healthy dessert and various other pulverizing chores that I subjected my Magic Bullet(s) to.  After some research, I was down to two options: Vitamix vs Ninja.

Vitamix vs Ninja
Vitamix vs Ninja

IMPORTANT NOTE: while the Ninja series has many options, I was looking at the top of the line Ninja Ultima Blender to make it a valid comparison with the Vitamix.

But with one blender costing more than twice the other, (Vitamix being the more expensive), I was confused.  This was not an easy choice between two similar products.  It needed a more thorough evaluation.   So I broke it down in terms of what features are important for me and compared each blender with the other.  Here are my conclusions:

FEATURENINJA Ultima Blender BL810VITAMIX (5200 Series)Comments
Power1500 Watts
1380 Watts
2 HP
Both qualify as high speed blenders.
Ninja takes a slight edge
SpeedUp to 24,000 RPM
Pro Variable Speed - 10 speeds plus Pulse
Up to 37,000 RPM
Variable Speed Control
Vitamix wins this one
Size18.5 x 8 x 11 inches (with the 72-ounce container in place)20.5 x 8.75 x7.25 inches (with the 64-ounce container in place)Ninja is 2 inches shorter than the Vitamix, making it easier to store on the counter under the cabinet
Weight15.9 pounds10 poundsNot a deal breaker either way
MaterialBPA free plasticBPA-free Eastman Tritan® copolyesterComparable
Ease of CleaningEasy.  Manual says to squeeze 2-3 drops of dish soap into the jar, fill halfway with warm water and pulse 5-10 times.

The Ninja is also dishwasher safe.
Easy.  Just put a few drops of liquid detergent and blend for 30-60 seconds.  Rinse and drain.

Not dishwasher safe
Both seem easy to clean but Ninja has the added feature of being dishwasher safe.
Blender Capacity72 oz. (9 cups)64 oz (8 cups)Ninja has slightly more capacity
Blade TechnologyDual Stage Blending (Total Crushing and High Speed Cyclonic Technology).Laser-cut, stainless-steel hammermill and cutting blades measuring 3-in diameter to ensure a consistent blend every timeUsers mention the Ninja’s dual blade, while great at blending, is a bit cumbersome to assemble and disassemble.

Vitamix is a much simpler design and use
What’s in the box
  • 1500 Watt Motor Base
  • 72oz. Blender Pitcher with Lid
  • Removable Total Crushing Blade Assembly
  • 2 Nutri Ninja Cups with 2 Sip & Seal lids
  • Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blade
  • Instruction Book
  • Inspiration Guide

  • 1380 Watt Motor Base
  • 64 oz Container with Lid
  • Classic Tamper
  • Cookbook
  • DVD
  • Getting Started Guide

The Ninja comes with 2 single serve cups which is a nice to have feature
Warranty2 year Limited Warranty7 year warranty, covering all parts, performance, labor, and two-way shippingVitamix offers an unbeatable warranty on their product.  Includes 2 way shipping!
Made inChinaUSAThis is a personal preference.  Truth is, ‘Made in USA’ carries a much superior perception, whether true or not.
PriceOver $200
Check here for latest price
Over $500.00 but often on sale for less
Check here for latest price
Ninja costs half of a Vitamix.  Is the Vitamix really worth it?

In addition, Users of both give very high rankings, showing they are equally satisfied.  So it’s not an easy choice.

In the end, it comes down to:

  1. Durability: I like the idea of the 7 year warranty offered by Vitamix and also the fact that according to long time users, Vitamix machines tend to last for years beyond that.
  2. Intended use: For me, I intend to use my blender a lot. And I mean A LOT.  Several times a day.  This is why I have burned through several blenders in a short period of time.  I need something that can withstand multiple uses per day without burning out.
  3. Budget: It’s not an easy decision to shell out over $500 for a blender. But the way I look at it, it’s an investment into me and my family’s health!  An investment that is warrantied for 7 years and likely to last for more than that.

So while you can’t go wrong with either blender (depending on your needs), for me in the battle of Vitamix vs Ninja, Vitamix 5200 is the winning choice.

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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